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This new page will be where I share what book is a must read for this week. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

How would you like to start your life over again—and really make a difference this time?

Mara, who has been ill her entire life, suddenly wakes up in a new, healthy, youthful body. But this new life comes at a cost. She and the others who are specifically chosen by God for this fight, must find and destroy a formidable and horrifying enemy. They are given a special set of skills to aid them in their quest, and their adventures also take them on their own personal journeys where they discover love, sorrow, heartbreak and forgiveness.

Join Mara and her team as they travel to dangerous locations, encounter assistance from strange and surprising sources, then fight a terrifying and dangerous evil that can ultimately take their souls.

Can she and her team find the courage they need, or will they fail in their commission and pay the ultimate price?

"I enjoyed this book from the very beginning until the very last page. The story takes you on a roller-coaster of emotions and it has it own twist a turns. Mara is a woman that is riddled with illness before you dies and is then born again to fight a holy war for the man upstairs. She meets her soul mate Finn and prevail against evil with the help of her family and team members.
A great storyline and the characters have been thoroughly thought out which made me connect to them even easier. I look forward to reading book two." - Amazon Review.

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