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This new page will be where I share what book is a must read for this week. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


A Girl Called Beauty is a passion project belonging to first time published author Susan (Scully) Hetrick, who started writing in sixth grade. Even at an early age, Susie had challenges and struggles well beyond those of a normal childhood and wondered if everyone lived the way she did. But undaunted by life's tangled paths, Susie pressed on. After being handed even more obstacles, she realized that life had thrown enough at her to fill a book, so she started writing.

First, trying to fill the missing memories that were suppressed from abuses and violations suffered in her early youth, then the struggle and love of middle school. She continued writing about family loss, alcohol abuse, getting in with the "wrong crowd," finding family, and becoming a teenage single mother of a bi-racial daughter. But her struggles didn't stop there, and thankfully, neither did her writing.

Through all of her experiences, Susan learned how to be a mom. She faced parenting issues in her newlywed years that paralleled the abuse she suffered as a child that challenged her ability to remain married while fighting to keep her oldest child alive. Susie poured her heart out into paper. The passion she shared about her personal experiences will leave you breathless for more. This motivational and inspiring book is dedicated to all of those who need answers to life's tough questions. Susie urges that, yes, it gets tough, but yes, it means something, and in time, it all gets better.

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