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Hi, I'm Arlene Lomazorff-Marron.

I live in the U.S., in Pennsylvania, with my husband Gerry. We have a blended family of four boys and one girl. They are raising their own families. We have six grandsons and one granddaughter.

In addition to reading and writing, I love to ride a bicycle and play Mah Jong. I love crossword puzzles. I practice yoga.

I had little exposure to music as a child. I took a class at a local school about ten years ago. I carried a musical keyboard to class. I simply wanted to be able to identify the notes on a piece of music and match it to the notes on a keyboard. I was hooked once I started to learn to play. I bought a piano several years ago, and take lessons weekly. I have surpassed my initial goal many times over.

An interview with Arlene can be read in my blog post.

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Marble Surface



Is everything what it seems on the outside? What is revealed when the blankets are pulled back?

Jonathan Perkins had it all: a successful business, a stunning home, a wonderful family. He was on top of the world—until he nearly threw it all away. Meredith Perkins lived a life of luxury, courtesy of her husband’s hard work and diligence. But her husband’s crime turned her world upside down. Hounded by the media, deserted by friends she had counted on for support, she struggled to reconstruct a life for her and her children. Her friends kept their own secrets, from their spouses, and each other.

Do you keep secrets from your partner? How much do you trust your friends?


While time often seemed to stand still, and tedious weeks stretched into months with no occurrence out of the ordinary, their life had irrevocably changed in an instant.
It was his eyes that told her. Those blue eyes. Like the water in the Caribbean.

A college student. A professor. A secret. A devastating medical diagnosis. A young woman looking for meaning in her life. A man searching for his beginnings. A couple who wanted it all.
Were their fates linked by circumstance? Or were other forces at work?


"Beneath a Blanket of Snow" Covers the interpersonal relationships of four families whose lives are impacted by the mistakes made by one of the key figures. Meredith shows the world that she can survive a devastating blow to her style of living by changing her world one step at a time. She sets an example for others who have their own difficulties to overcome.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants to read uplifting fiction. - Amazon Review

"Written in insightful, flowing prose, this novel tells the story of neighbors in an affluent part of town going through hardships. Some of those hardships become glaringly apparent to the judging eyes of those around them, but these characters are easy to relate to as they forge ahead, trying to overcome difficulties new and long hidden. Realistic and full of character growth, Beneath A Blanket of Snow shows us we all have trials, and we can all grow from them." - Amazon Reader

"I read "If We had Known" without any real understanding of what to expect (somewhat like the book's title) and I was pleasantly surprised by the genuinely good story line. This book was on KU, and had good reviews, convincing me that I was making a good choice
If you like tender stories of redemption, you too will enjoy this book about mistakes made that led to life changing situations which might have been avoided had the parties involved possessed prior knowledge and foresight." - Amazon Reader

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